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Road to Beta:
product update for March

Aleksi & Oskari on March 3rd, 2021


  • We have introduced customer health indices into Kirnu. The required data is collected automatically by our JavaScript snippet, so you don't have to worry about setting them up
  • We are finalizing our API, which will make integrating data into Kirnu easy and flexible
  • We are approaching beta test launch and expect to get there during Spring 2021. Join the wait list to secure your place among early users!

Road to beta: product update for March

We thought about writing a short update on our road to beta launch to keep you updated and to reflect on what we have been working on recently.

Any comments are welcomed! You can reach us on Twitter @kirnuio or via email at


All features that we want to include in the beta have now been integrated into the product. Our latest introduction is "customer health indices", which are a neat way of measuring the health of each of your customer's relationships with your product.

The key metrics are based on how frequently your users interact with your platform, how long they interact with your platform and how widely they use it.  All of this data is automatically collected through our JavaScript snippet and processed by Kirnu, so you don't have to worry about setting them up.

We added the key health indices to be part of the Churn table (see below). We might also build a separate "Customer health table" with a wider selection of metrics to enable even a deeper dig into them.

Example of Kirnu's Churn table

Usability / set-up

Initially we thought about adding native integrations for selected platforms, such as CRMs. However, as the selection of CRMs is vast, we decided to build an all-purpose API through which data, regardless of original location, can be integrated into Kirnu. We believe that this provides greater flexibility and serves a wider audience compared to building a few arbitrarily picked native integrations.

Additionally, the API provides an easy way to provide Kirnu with the external data it needs, such as information on churners. We will publish detailed documentation for the API (OAS-compliant).


After completing all of our programming related to-do's, we will do further testing before the beta launch to ensure a smooth experience for early adopters. With this in mind, we still are confident that we will be beta ready during this Spring. 

- Aleksi & Oskari (feel free to contact us at [firstname]

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P.S. we expect to be beta test ready during Spring 2021 and are looking for test users. Drop us a line at if you are interested in reducing churn in your SaaS application and getting exclusive access to Kirnu.