From MERN to... FlaMPyRe? On our tech stack (and best practices for acronyms)

From MERN to FlaMPyRe - read what technologies we use (and why) to deliver state-of-the-art churn analytics to our customers.

Modelling churn: an introduction

Ever wondered how churn probability could be modelled and estimated? Read from this post how we do it on a high level (no technical understanding needed).

update for April

Road to Beta: product update for April

Introducing new features and dashboard design. Read what is happening behind the scenes on our road to beta launch.



BitcoinTesla logo

When churn beat Bitcoin and Tesla in terms of return on investment

How much revenue and profit do you lose to churn? Use our churn calculator in this blog post to find out why churn is the most sensible investment for SaaS companies.

update for March

Road to Beta: product update for March

Introducing customer health indices and our API. Read what is happening behind the scenes on our road to beta launch.

Cable management mess

Three reasons why manual event tracking fails

Collecting data on user interaction is traditionally built around manual event tracking. Read about the three reasons why manual event tracking fails and how autocollection addresses the issues.


Introducing Kirnu, an automated approach to churn prevention

Read what makes Kirnu special (spoiler: automated workflow and resilience to change) and our road map towards beta launch during Spring 2021.

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Shifting from predictive churn analytics to prevention with uplift models

Do you believe in life after prediction? Read more about how uplift models challenge traditional churn prediction.

Picture of a scales

Doctor, my churn levels seem elevated - should I be worried?

What is an appropriate churn level for a SaaS business? Find out how you likely perform against your competitors.




Customer vs. revenue churn for a SaaS business

Churn comes in many shapes and forms. Which should you pay more attention to in your fight against churn?

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